Unbirthday : Dancing on Injustice
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by Sandy Arena on 03/22/14

It was my son Caleb's 11th birthday.

I love and cherish that kid with all my heart. I love ALL my children's birthdays, and around our house, we go all out to celebrate and mark the special day God chose to bring them into this world. Their lives represent another beating heart here on earth designed to carry forth God's master plan. How exciting that I have the awesome privilege to  guide and direct my children - birthday to birthday - in this journey towards destiny.

Caleb is the kid who said to me a while ago, in a mother/son bonding moment, when I asked him how he knew I loved him, "Because you didn't abort me." As a post-abortive mom this moment shattered my heart into a million pieces.  How do you respond to that?

I took a picture of my son blowing out his birthday candles and I saw in the beautiful blur of his face, the face of those I have lost.  The word "unbirthday" came to me.

UNBIRTHDAY" equals all the precious moments missed and the candles I never lit. I will forever regret the loss of life I have experienced from abortion. I will forever speak forth the truth of this pain so that others

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet son Caleb. I am so very honored and grateful to be your mom and to get to see your amazing face each and every day of your life. And for those I have lost, I await the day in Heaven when I can light the candles on your cake....


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